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The following info came from Az. Big Train Operators member Jim Kangas, Mesa Az:

On Aug 24, 2013, at 9:00 PM, Jim Kangas> wrote: 
     The following web addresses can provide the disassembly, for example screw location, hints you are looking for!
  • Aristo parts:  aristocraftforum.com/DocumentGrid/php/Manuals/ 
  • To find the body attachment screws go to the last pages of the pdf file and look for the description “body screws” or “body shell screws”. Once you have this part number go back and find the number in the parts blowup. They seem to progress from page to page in numerical order starting with 1 on the first page.
  • I have also searched for information by typing the manufacture for example (LGB USA), followed by a space then (part number). I have had great results along with no results!